The Local Area Explore the Wonders of Southeast Michigan

The Location & Surrounding Areas The Heart of Southeast Michigan

Sunrise Lake and Sunset Lake are located outside the charming city of Tecumseh, Michigan. Tecumseh boasts a unique and convenient location just minutes from several large, nearby cities. Tecumseh is 60 miles southwest of Detroit, 25 miles south of Ann Arbor, and 40 miles north of Toledo, Ohio. Tecumseh is also only hours from Chicago - making it the perfect getaway for those living in the city.

The Location & Surrounding Areas

Discover Tecumseh, Michigan An Ideal Location

The residents of Tecumseh enjoy the peaceful, family-centered warmth of this small city. You'll find restaurants, shops, art, local wineries, picturesque parks, golf, orchards, and more.

Like many beautiful communities in southeast Michigan, Tecumseh's landscape includes wooded areas, meadows, farms and scenic beauty.

A Rare & Unique Opportunity Create Your Dream Lifestyle

Sunrise and Sunset Lakes offer unique opportunities to create the lifestyle and home of your dreams. Located in a secluded, private area outside the City of Tecumseh, each property is individual in its offerings. Sunrise Lake, to the East, offers a large, stocked lake with enchanting wetlands. It's perfect for the sports enthusiast with an adventurous streak. Sunset Lake to the West offers a large, wooded area with excellent cover for wildlife like deer and turkey, making it a paradise for hiker or hunter!

Explore the Local Area Art, NASCAR, & Big Ten Sports

Many residents of Tecumseh enjoy the peaceful, family-centered warmth of this small city. You'll find sculpture exhibits, canoeing, antiques, a microbrewery, and more. Michigan International Speedway (M.I.S.) is just a short drive west for NASCAR fans.

The lake properties are located close to many of the top players in the B1G Conference, including University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Ann Arbor & Detroit

Tecumseh, Michigan, is just a short distance from Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit. Multiple art galleries exist in Ann Arbor, both downtown and around the University of Michigan campus. 

Detroit, Michigan, is a mecca for music and theatre. Detroit's theatre district is the second largest in the nation after New York with eighteen professional theaters. Metro Detroit is home to two of the top live music venues in the US and many other live venues.

The properties of Sunrise and Sunset Lakes are excellent ways to experience the culture of the city. Drive to your lakeside retreat on Friday and enjoy a weekend in the country, surrounded by nature. 

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